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By I. Burhan Türksen

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Fuzzy set and common sense idea recommend that each one average language linguistic expressions are vague and needs to be assessed as a question of measure. yet generally club measure is an vague proposal which calls for that style 2 club levels be thought of in such a lot purposes with regards to human determination making schemas. no matter if the club capabilities are constrained to be Type1, their combos generate an period - valued style 2 club. this can be a part of the overall end result that Classical equivalences breakdown in Fuzzy thought. therefore all classical formulation has to be reassessed with an higher and decrease expression which are generated through the breakdown of classical formulation.

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If that is the case, the internal consistency or coherence of the model as a whole will appear as lacking. When this is the case, it seems that trouble can not be far behind! For example, if we were to assert a subjectivist position on the General Epistemological level 3 of the hierarchy, we should not then go on to adopt the principles of classical set and logic theory on the Application Level 7, for a theory that places all its epistemological emphasis on the subjective or the internal mental model of meaning representation is not compatible with an application model that focuses only on external realizations of reductionist approach that dichotomizes our world arbitrarily.

1. 33 Explication Particularly with set and logic theories that do not discuss their philosophical assumptions directly or explicitly, this structured approach may be helpful in looking for an explication what philosophy seems to be implicit in the texts. Since we have argued all set and logic theories rest upon some philosophical assumptions, it is only consistent for us to argue that if these presuppositions are not dealt with explicitly in our writings, they must still be there implicitly. , to make the philosophical unconscious grounding more conscious.

He states, "The conventional knowledge representation techniques based on the use predicate calculus and related methods are not well-suited for the representation of commonsense knowledge because the predicates in propositions which represent commonsense knowledge do not, in general, have crisp denotations. For example, the proposition Most Frenchmen are not tall cannot be represented as a well-formed formula in predicate calculus because the sets which constitute the denotations of the predicate tall and the quantifier naost in their respective universes of discourse are fuzzy rather than crisp.

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