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By V.S. Sunder

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Why This e-book: the idea of von Neumann algebras has been turning out to be in leaps and limits within the final twenty years. It has regularly had robust connections with ergodic conception and mathematical physics. it's now starting to make touch with different components corresponding to differential geometry and K-Theory. There seems a robust case for placing jointly a booklet which (a) introduces a reader to a couple of the fundamental conception had to savor the new advances, with out getting slowed down by means of an excessive amount of technical aspect; (b) makes minimum assumptions at the reader's historical past; and (c) is sufficiently small in measurement not to try the stamina and persistence of the reader. This ebook attempts to fulfill those necessities. at least, it's only what its name declares it to be -- a call for participation to the fascinating international of von Neumann algebras. it truly is was hoping that when perusing this ebook, the reader could be tempted to fill within the various (and technically, capacious) gaps during this exposition, and to delve extra into the depths of the speculation. For the professional, it suffices to say right here that when a few preliminaries, the e-book commences with the Murray - von Neumann category of things, proceeds in the course of the simple modular conception to the III). type of Connes, and concludes with a dialogue of crossed-products, Krieger's ratio set, examples of things, and Takesaki's duality theorem.

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The following conditionsare equivalent: (i) exf = g for all x in M. (ii) c(e) c(n = 0. Proof. (i) ) (ii). The hypothesisis that MI'l c ker e, where lv1= ran ,/. Hence,by Ex. 15(c),it follows that ran cU) e ker e, whence ec(/) - 0. This meanse ( I - c(fl, and so, by the definition of the central c o v e r , c ( e )( I - c ( n . D (ii) + (i). Reversethe stepsof the proof of (i) ) (ii). 17. If e and f are non'zero projectionsin a factor M, there existsa non'zeropartial isometryu in M such that u*u 4 e and uu* < f.

Q, N,): f e 1). ,4 a n d! 17 -- applied to il e ! and N 0 U-, in case these are both E n o n z e r o - - e n s u r e t h a t M =oIr' 1N = U . : i . e . 9. 2-1. (M) and e - €o ( e imply eo= e' In the contrary case'e is said to Coirespondingly] a closed subspacel'1which is affiliated be infinite. is to be finite or infinite according as PJvlis finite or M said to O infinite. 4 is finite; Proposition 122 particular, if any infinite lviexisls, then ll is infinite- in Proof. te(N g M)-J'tne(N0 x)gN (14^e ( N 0 M)) = l'1 0 iln, thereby establishing the finiteness of I't In pa"rticular, if lt is finite', then every J'l is finite, thus establishing the O c o n t r a p o s i t i v eo f t h e s e c o n da s s e r t i o n .

L JoJ e,r1os' 8d alnduoc ot 2(u'u*V-) + (:p,'t) = 1u*)) lcr{l qcns *ts ruop r t. pue r urop r t anblun B slslxe pue 'V*v ruop ol ereql ? c e^\ J! r{l suollcaforo 4lIuIJ'Z'l 'L 26 l. The Murray-von Neumann Classification of Factors B = Boel'tre N2 - Itl e t'1,e N, l x r e I l 2 o l L = 1 1. 1, { N2. to Nt, A as-a closeddenselydefined operatorfrom 1"1r. Regardinglet A+ denote the closeddenselydefined operator from Nt to J"lt which is the adjoint of ,1. ,is clearly affiliated to M: further, from the general fact about the graph of the adjoint, it is clear that (J'lre /Vl) 0 B0 = {-n + A+n: n e dom l+).

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