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Mark Rosegrant. 1994. ‘Productivity and Sources of Growth for Rice in India’, Economic and Political Weekly, 29 (53): pp. 183–88. Norton, George, W. Philip, G. Pardey and Julian M. Alston. 1992. ‘Economic Issues in Agricultural Research Priority’, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 74 (1): pp. 38–45. Rosegrant W. E. Evenson. 1994. ‘Total Factor Product of Long-term Growth in Indian Agriculture’, Paper presented at IFPRI/Indian Agricultural Research Institute Workshop on Agricultural Growth in India, New Delhi, India.

89 100 Source: Annual Reports of SAUs; UAS, Bangalore and UAS, Dharwad. 3 Number of Technologies, Other than Varieties Developed and Released in Major Field Crops by SAUs in Karnataka (1970–71 to 1994–95) Sl. No. Crops 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Period I (1970–71 to 1979–80) Rice Jowar Ragi Red gram Groundnut Sunflower Cotton Sugarcane Total 255 196 164 66 144 97 161 61 1144 Period II (1980–81 to 1989–90) 329 219 161 155 164 154 155 76 1413 Period III Overall Period (1990–91 to (1970–71 to 1994–95) 1994–95) 193 121 91 108 122 97 103 45 880 777 536 416 329 430 348 419 182 3437 Source: Annual Reports of SAUs; UAS, Bangalore and UAS, Dharwad.

1997) have used the Cobb-Douglas production function model to measure technical efficiency for industries and farms. They proposed the estimation of a Stochastic Frontier Production function, where noise is accounted for by adding a symmetric error term (ui) to the non-negative term to provide: Ln (Yi ) = ƒ (Xi; β ) + εi Where, εi = vi – ui; i = 1,………, N Yi denotes the output quantity of the i’th farm, Xi is a vector of the input quantities used by the farm, β is a vector of parameters to be estimated and εi is the error term composed of v and u.

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