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By Frederic Raphael

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From the acclaimed biographer, screenwriter, and novelist Frederic Raphael, here's an audacious background of Josephus (37–c.100), the Jewish normal grew to become Roman historian, whose emblematic betrayal is a touchstone for the Jew by myself within the Gentile world.
Joseph ben Mattathias’s transformation into Titus Flavius Josephus, historian to the Roman emperor Vespasian, is a gripping and dramatic tale. His existence, within the arms of Frederic Raphael, turns into some extent of departure for an appraisal of Diasporan Jews looking a spot within the dominant cultures they inhabit. Raphael brings a scholar’s rigor, a historian’s viewpoint, and a novelist’s mind's eye to this venture. He is going past the interesting info of Josephus’s existence and his singular literary achievements to ascertain how Josephus has been seen by means of posterity, discovering in him the prototype for the un-Jewish Jew, the assimilated highbrow, and the abiding apostate: the recurrent figures within the lengthy centuries of the Diaspora. Raphael’s insightful photos of  Yehuda Halevi, Baruch Spinoza, Karl Kraus, Benjamin Disraeli, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Hannah Arendt expand and remove darkness from the Josephean worldview Raphael so eloquently lays out.

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Sextus Julius Fron ti nus: Stra t a gem s . We know more about Fron ti nu s’s career than abo ut his ori gi n s . He may have been born in Gaul, po s s i bly around ad 30 or 40. He fo ll owed the typical Roman career, taking up a su ccession of posts as an a rmy of f i cer and moving on to civilian magi s tracies and provincial govern orships. He hel ped to su ppress the revolt of Civilis in Gaul in the early 70s, t h en s erved as con sul in ad 72 or 73 and was appointed govern or of Britain from 74 to 77 or 78.

There is no certain evidence as to the date of Polybius’s birth, perhaps at the end of the third century bc, or the beginning of the second. His home was Megalopolis in Arcadia, part of the Achaean League in which his father played an important political role. Polybius was probably destined for a political career and may have already written works of history when he came into contact with Rome after the battle of Pydna in 168 bc. This battle was the culmination of Rome’s third war with Macedon, and the victory signified the end of autonomy not only of Macedon, but of all the Greek states.

The Digest of Justinian. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Rev. , 4 vols. Watson, George R. 1969. The Roman Soldier. London: Thames and Hudson. , et al. ). 1959. Excavations at Dura-Europos: Final Report V, Part I: The Parchments and Papyri. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. C h a p t e r 2 Historical Background G eopo l i tical Con s i dera ti on s The city of Rome began as an insignificant collection of thatched huts, situated at a convenient crossing point of the river Tiber.

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