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By Agamenon R. E. Oliveira

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This booklet lines the historical past of the idea that of labor from its earliest levels and exhibits that its extra formalization results in equilibrium precept and to the primary of digital works, and so pointing the best way forward for destiny learn and applications.

The concept that whatever continues to be consistent in a computer operation is particularly outdated and has been expressed via many mathematicians and philosophers equivalent to, for example, Aristotle. hence, an idea of power constructed. one other very important concept in laptop operation is Archimedes' lever principle.

In smooth instances the idea that of labor is analyzed within the context of utilized mechanics in most cases in Lazare Carnot mechanics and the mechanics of the recent new release of polytechnical engineers like Navier, Coriolis and Poncelet. during this context the notice "work" is eventually followed. those engineers also are answerable for the incorporation of the concept that of labor into the self-discipline of economics once they endeavoured to mix the research of the paintings of machines and males together.

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In human sciences the problem is more delicate because of the inseparability of these sciences and ideological influences. The central question to be analyzed is how to consider scientific knowledge in this field. How to establish a difference between doxa and episteme in a Greek sense? Apparently human sciences are subject to an avoidable relativism. The question that we can discuss is: if it is impossible to separate subjective factors and moral judgments from social facts, what opinion should prevail?

He was literally invented (in the true sense of invent, to take off from nothing) by a French philosopher few known, Destutt de Tracy, disciple of less category from encyclopedists, who published in 1801 a book called “Elements of ideology”. 20 For a discussion of this question in depth, see introduction (Löwy 1987), p. 195 and following. 4 Theory of History and General Historiography 23 Halicarnassus, Caria (now Bodrum in Turkey), Asia Minor. He was exiled from his native land for political reasons and subsequently became a great voyager.

4 Theory of History and General Historiography 21 means to accomplish this overcoming. To rationalism, the past is an error whose knowledge is useful to eliminate the progress of rationality; to empiricism the past is a mass of real facts, that are exact with respect to a conjectural future; only a dialectical attitude can accomplish the synthesis, encompassing the past as a stage and necessary way, worth to a common action of men of the same class of the present, in order to build an authentic community and universal in the future (Goldmann 1970).

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