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Incidentally, this is one of a series of five detailed When the end came, the Pictish kingdom disappeared so swiftly and with so little fuss that historians and archaeologists have puzzled over its demise ever since. In AD 800 Early Historic Scotland was divided between four peoples the Picts, the Dal Riatan Scots, the Britons and the Angles (or Northumbrians). The Northumbrians were divided and in decline, while the Britons of Strathclyde were hard-pressed to hold on to the territory they owned.

Banks are usually, but not always, built behind a ditch, from which the soil for the bank was excavated. Berm a flat space between the foot of a bank and the start of a ditch. British a collective term for the Celtic inhabitants of Britain during the Iron Age and Early Historic periods. In the context of this book they included the Gododdin and the Strathclyde Britons. Counterscarp the exterior slope or wall of a ditch, which in the case of hill forts was sometimes revetted using stone or timber.

Within a few decades the kingdom was little more than a client state of Alba. In AD 884, Earl Sigurd of Orkney captured Burghead, and 16 years later the Pictish king, Domnall son of Constantine, died when Dunnottar fell to King Harald 'Fairhair' of Norway. By then the political landscape had changed. The transformation of Dal Riata and the Pictish kingdom into Alba - Scotland - was well underway, and the coronation of King Constantine II at Scone in AD 906 marked the effective culmination of this process.

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